Small Business Owners welcome!

As a small business owner, like so many of you, I used to struggle with understanding the ins and outs of customer service.

I was raised on the mantra " the customer is always right", only after many years did I change that mantra to; "the customer is right if the service is wrong". What that means is, if my service is top notch, the customer will always be happy, if my customer service fails, then the customer is right in demanding more from me.

I am writing this blog and sharing this information to help you learn how to provide top notch customer service.

Quality customer service is key to a successful business, you can open your doors to a line of 100 customers clutching money to spend in their fists, but if you don't treat them right they won't come back. Then your business will fail in the long run.

Knowing every aspect of quality customer service is key, So please enjoy my blog and information.

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